Entrepreneur update 1

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Wow it has already been a hell of a ride as an entrepreneur these past 1.5 years! The people I have met, the companies I am working with and the amazing response of my customers on my sustainable idea and the concept behind every design. I am so blessed. But hey lets not cheer to soon;). I am still on my way to getting this business healthy and stable. Right now I am working hard on getting my own shop / atelier in place in the heart of Amsterdam. I will be open for customers in the beginning of November. And this will hopefully give me the right customers and exposure during the Christmas shopping time to end 2019 with great results and the most important thing: A lot of happy customers! I often get questions about how I got started, how I work and how I came to the point in my career where I am now. Therefor in this blog page I will often post new kinds of stories about my struggles and also my successes. If you are interested: Please email me with specific questions and I would be glad to shed some lights on this!



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