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I started my journey for sustainable jewelry with creating my own designs. However along this journey I met amazing people.
I grew up in the midst of art lovers, in my weekends I always went to auctions with my parents. Besides that I was always fascinated by my grandmothers jewelry and since I was a little girl I always wanted a certain ring of my grandmother which was so shiny and had rubies and diamonds. Already when I was that young I developed a taste for expensive and special jewelry;)!
I really believe in the story behind my designs but I also believe in the power of recycling gold and silver in the broadest meaning. So I started searching for vintage jewelry to expand my collection with really unique pieces that get a new life from you as a customer wearing it! This has been an amazing expansion of my brand and customers love it! I am thrilled about this and I am always on the hunt for new and unique pieces!
So stay tuned on the vintage jewelry section of my website to see the latest catches! Be quick before they are gone!
Lots of love!
Mélanie Pigeaud

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