“Mélanie her mission is to get more customers know what is important to look for when buying a piece of jewelry”

Mélanie Pigeaud, is a brand based in Amsterdam,  that is born out of the search for minimalistic and sturdy jewelry made from recycled gold and silver and made under fair conditions. Mélanie Pigeaud herself got nominated for the upcoming creative talent of the Viva 400 awards 2018 and is currently one of the few talents that got a spot under the arms of Chantal Janzen in the &C talent Foundation. This is her story:

Unfortunately Mélanie Pigeaud could not find a handcrafted and sustainable jewelry brand with designs that are telling the story of the industry.  So she decided to make it herself, she calls them the heroes.

Mélanie Pigeaud noticed a lack of knowledge about the background of jewelry while this has been a rare and imbalanced industry for centuries. Our ambition is not to change the industry as a whole but to raise the awareness so that a customer considers the story behind a piece of jewelry before buying it.  Almost every piece of Mélanie Pigeaud is made out of recycled gold and/or silver. In this way we try to minimize our footprint on the industry.

We call our jewelry pieces ‘heroes’: The word ‘heroes’ refers to the mine workers in the gold and silver mines across the world. Our designs tell the story that the mine workers can not tell the world. Please follow us in this journey and become aware of the importance of wearing sustainable jewelry. Do not shut your eyes for the story behind a long-lasting and meaningful piece of jewelry.


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