The handcrafted and sustainable collections made in the  atelier in Amsterdam:  The perfect imperfection collection. Whether the circle is broken, not evenly thick or an imperfection in material. Exactly this is what Mélanie wants to tell the world; No one is perfect, no industry is perfect. And the ‘complexity of simplicity’. With these expressions she wants to ask you to wear jewelry that can help to minimize unnecessary imperfections in the gold and silver industry. The complexity of simplicity: Life can be very simple and at ease. But in each house some rain must fall. Shining jewelry also looks so at ease and simple but is actually much more complex than we actually know. All the shady persons in between the mine worker and the customer makes this simple product incredibly complex. Please do not shut your eyes or ignore these facts. Instead; Be aware, care and enjoy wearing the heroes.


Mélanie is always pleased to brainstorm with you about your needs and desires. Please feel free to fill in the contact form below and she will contact you as soon as possible. Please understand that sometimes it is not possible due to the limited capacity.