Barre hoop


The barre hoops are touched with a small imperfection. Every barre is unique with its own pattern. So is every story behind a piece of jewelry; care about sustainable jewelry and let the barre hoop make the people around you aware too. The hoops have a circumference of 11 mm. The barre length is 25 mm. Great to get your ear party started. NOTE: THESE ARE SOLD BY PIECE, IF YOU WANT A PAIR, PLEASE CLICK ON 2 BEFORE PUTTING THEM IN YOUR SHOPPING BAG!

Product Shipping

Please take notion that the process of making a sterling silver piece takes roughly up to 5 working days. For goldplated items it could take 5-8 working days. For 14k real gold it will most likely take up to 10 working days. You will receive a notification when your product is being shipped.

Care & terms and conditions of your order

Read here our care & terms and conditions of your order. For questions please contact us.


2 reviews for Barre hoop

  1. Colien

    I’ve got two of the golden Barre hoops as a birthday gift and am super happy with them! The earrings are pretty, light, easy to put in and authentic. Wearing just one of them adds a nice touch as well!

  2. Lauren

    Super comfy light weighted earrings. I love the fact that you really see they are handmade due to the hammered texture. I wear them everyday!

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