Peridot diamonds 14 carat gold 22 diamonds size 15.25


Beautiful vintage ring 14 carat gold with 3 large peridots and 22 diamonds (0.005 ct each). Peridot is the stone of bringing good health, restful sleep and keeping the emotions and the mind in the right balance. What a special meaning as the true Christmas gift? This vintage ring tells you the beauty of recycling old jewelry with a special story. Vintage rings are always curated with the very best possible curation of Mélanie Pigeaud herself. She has her personal vintage adresses to be sure the quality is what it stands for. This ring is a real beauty that will shine amazing combining with more contemporary jewelry or just by its own! Size 15.25 mm.

Vintage rings can be resized if desired. However this does depend on the stone and the setting. Please send your request with the correct ring and ring size to info@melaniepigeaud.com.

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