Signature dish


These earrings tell the true story of the perfect imperfections. The circle is perfectly round (as it seems) but the stripe breaks the perfect circle. The 3d way of wearing these heroes gives shows the flipside of a perfect piece of jewelry; there is always a story behind it. The hoop has a circumference of  31.5 mm and is made from 1.5 mm square wire.

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Please take notion that the process of making a sterling silver piece takes roughly up to 5 working days. For goldplated items it could take 5-8 working days. For 14k real gold it will most likely take up to 10 working days. You will receive a notification when your product is being shipped.

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3 reviews for Signature dish

  1. Noortje

    Yes! Since may 2018 I’m one of the first owners of Mélanie her ‘ signature dish’! I love it that I can wear this pair of earrings in three different ways on any occasion.

  2. Céline Godfroy

    Ingenieus ontwerp! Mooi gemaakt en zo veel complimenten van mensen!!!

  3. Maria, Milan

    Uno stile così non l’ho mai trovato a Milano ed è proprio quello che stavo cercando: semplice e ricercato, che da un tocco di classe a ogni outfit.

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