• You can expect an email with your tracking code when your order is shipped.
  • Shipping back of any possible return (please see the return terms below): Mélanie Pigeaud is not responsible for paying the shipping costs.
  • When your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with your order details.
  • When your order is being sent you will receive an email with a tracking code to see the status of your shipment.
  • Any damage, lost items or not received items will not be the responsibility of Mélanie Pigeaud. When the shipment is already sent out and you have received a tracking code the responsibility is for the customer.
  • In case you filled in a wrong delivery address, you are responsible for the payment and return costs.


Return policy

  • Returns and exchanges are accepted within 14 days of purchase. This is only applicable for unworn silver and gold plated jewelry. Due to hygiene: earrings are not able to be returned. Email your request to info@melaniepigeaud.com.
  • Shipping for returns are for your own costs. Mélanie Pigeaud will not pay for your return costs.
  • I do not accept returns or exchanges on custom made pieces, 14k gold pieces, vintage items and sale items.
  • When you want to return your order, you will receive a webshop coupon code (exc. shipping charges) for the amount of your purchase.
  • Mélanie Pigeaud reserves the right to deny any returns and exchanges that are unreasonable.
  • In case of any damage, during wearing or shipment, Mélanie Pigeaud can always deny this return or repair when doubting the reasonable cause of it.



  • To keep the heroes in their best condition: Do not expose to water or any kind of chemicals as much as possible. Please take off your jewelry when washing your hands etc. Do not shower, swim or bathe with your heroes and do not expose them to extreme (high) temperatures. Jewelry are delicate pieces and my heroes are handmade. Please be also careful with any other metals for scratches etc. Treat them with the care they need so they will last a lifetime.
  • If you have bought a plated heroe: Clean it with a toothbrush or a soft towel and some Dreft/green soap. But handle it with care and carefully take off the soap with a towel-dry soft towel. I cannot guarantee the layer to be held upon a certain term this is because every skin reacts differently on gold plated products.
  • If you are living in The Netherlands and you want your plated heroe to get a new gold plated layer please contact me: info@melaniepigeaud.com. I can arrange a new layer of plated gold. The range is between 5 and 20 euro (depending on size of the item).  These costs will be on behalf of the customer. 
  • Enjoy wearing the heroes as they will contribute to a better world. Namasté!



  • All photo’s, texts and images used by Mélanie Pigeaud are protected by copyright. Without written permission of Mélanie Pigeaud it is not allowed to reproduce or use the material in public.



Attention: Orders received after the 3rd of September will be processed after the 21st of September due to holidays


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