Entrepreneur update

It all started with an ambition to once start a company of my own. But what on earth was my talent? This was a question that hunted me down untill I started a hobby next to my fulltime job as a marketeer at a big corporate.

I wanted to be more creative outside the office and went on an evening school for goldsmithing. And all of a sudden all the things I made there people actually really liked and asked me: 'Could you make this for me'? 'Wow Mel your ring is quite amazing, where did you get it?'. And then actually I thought: Maybe I found my talent. Ofcourse after many attempts of writing a business proposal on all sorts of business, this was for me back then another interesting field to explore. I started drinking coffee with entrepreneurs, reading a lot.

And then it hit me: Where is all this gold and silver coming from? Who are the mine workers who are mining it? How are their lives? Do they get fair wages? Is it even neccessary to mine new gold when there is so many gold already available? Etc etc. And so my journey began. I started a thorough investigation in all of it and ofcourse I did a lot of market research. I wanted to tell the story of the materials and the endless possibilities they have when recycling them.

As a kid I was always looking for ways to sell stuff. Once I got my hands on a field in my neighborhood and went on with my best friend back then on making bouquets. We went on the streets and ringing people doors, asking them as 2 young entrepreneurs if they wanted to buy our designs. Well ofcourse the neighbors liked our entrepreneurial mindset back then; they kindly requested our mothers if we could maybe get the flowers elsewhere since the field where they were in was completely empty and we had used all the resources;). Funny story but it does compell to me always as the feeling of trying to do something that you like and be inventious and adventurous.

Now I am building the company more and more profesionally but that took also inventious ideas in times of a pandemic and every day is a journey on its own. But I am still loving it so much!