Bespoke engagement ring proces

We take great pride in our personalized approach to custom craftsmanship. And we adore the beauty of creating something together with you to be worn with great allure by your loved one.

  • Important information: This process starts at a budget of €2000.

You can book your design meeting directly below and read all about our process.

1. Meeting in the atelier

This meeting is all about discussing your desires for your design.

You'll get a nice cup of coffee and feel comfortable and we get you going in the worldd oof diamonds, gemstones, what to look for, what is important etc.

We help you out with any questions about stones, alloys, possible design options and we'd love to hear your love story!

2. Stone sourcing & 3d render

In this stage we will dive in to the design we discussed in our kick off meeting and we start hunting our RJC certified suppliers for the best possible stones for your ring! We also make sure we get a good 3d render and get everything covered in a clear overview of specification, certificates if applicable etc.

3. the production process

After receiving the render and prices we have a call to discuss the options and further questions if necessary. Once you are convinced about the design and the ring you always pay 100% upfront so we can actually buy the stone and start the prodctioon.

3-4 weeks later you hear when its ready and when you can pick it up. Then you will be ready for the most exciting question of your life!

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We've got you covered!