Bespoke engagement ring

Wow you reached the point that you want to ask that very special person THE question of your life. This proces is always so unique and very special to be working on. We are here to help you!

We explain the process below in 3 simple steps. Any remained questions you can find here

First steps are always the hardest

Making the appointment: You can make an online engagement ring consult by booking this via 'bookings' or send an email to

We kindly ask you to send the following:

1) 3 pictures from for example Pinterest or our instagram/website. In this case we have a starting point and an idea of what you are aiming for.

2) An indication of your budget so we can immediately tell you what is possible for your budget.

After this we let you know what we can do for you and plan an appointment with you

The appointment

In this appointment Mélanie Pigeaud herself will explain you everything you need to know about diamonds, precious gemstones and the endless options for designs. I will guide you step by step, I know: it is not like you've done this before;).

I am ofcourse also super excited to hear the story of how you guys met! It is also important to get information about the person who is getting engaged and his/her style.

Please note this meeting is online. Since we have experienced 80% of our customers like this the most. If you want to come by in person, you can email your request to So we can make sure you are helped by the right jewellery consultant.

After the appointment we will most probably have 1 or 2 ideas.

Mélanie will then start searching for the right stone and will make a 3d sketch of the design.

After receiving the sketches and prices we have a call to discuss the options and further questions if necessary. Once you are 100% convinced about the design and the ring and you are over the moon: You will pay 50% upfront to get the process going so we start production.

3-4 weeks later you hear when its ready and when you can pick it up. Then you will be ready for the most exciting question of your life!

New to all this? We have made a special engagement ring guide made for you! Putting your email below and you will receive it directly in you inbox!

We've got you covered!