'Comparison is the thief of joy'

Mélanie her path

Back in 2018 Mélanie felt an unease in her body - She had the nice corporate job, Master's degree in Business Administration and marketing, however something didn't feel right. She felt the need to listen to her inner voice.. But she struggled with her own made up expectations of her surroundings. The constant inner voice of her ego telling her: 'What would people think? Everyone else is fine in her corporate job why can't you?'

She had always been passionate about art and in particular jewelry, she dreamed about a life as a creative entrepreneur, starting a goldsmith education and how it would be like to choose her own true path and to actually take the leap of faith and pursuing her dream.

Almost 5 years later, she still celebrates her choice of choosing her own path. Milestones are always there and she is pursuing her dream and knows her path is hers only...

'Live life by finding your path and celebrate your own milestones. Never compare yourself to others, because comparison is the thief of Joy' - Mélanie Pigeaud

Doing things differently

Mélanie Pigeaud Jewelry, is a sustainable jewelry brand based in Amsterdam since 2018. Born out of the search for craftmanship and high quality jewelry made from recycled gold and silver, made under fair conditions. 

Back in 2018 Mélanie Pigeaud could not find a jewelry brand with that specific core focus on sustainability combined with high quality and local craftmanship. A brand that would be eager enough to always challenge the industry. Therefor she decided to step up the game and start a company that would do it differently..

Imbalanced industry

Mélanie Pigeaud noticed a lack of knowledge about the background of jewelry while this has been a rare and imbalanced industry for centuries. 

Sustainability is in our DNA.

At MP Jewelry Almost every design is made out of recycled gold or silver by RJC chain of custody certified partners that solely use recycled gold and silver. 

Local craftmanship.

We truly believe in craftmanship and local production to minimize our footprint in every step of the production process. We always work with the best qualified ateliers and the top notch diamond merchants to maintian our quality standards. 

Furthermore, our challenge is to keep low stock levels and to stay interesting for our clients by always looking for the latest innovation on desings, materials, our packaging and logistic possibilities. 

RJC Certified recycled gold and silver

Jewelry is an century-old expression of our identities. The first jewelry that have been found come from 3000 + years ago. This means that a lot of silver and gold has already been won that can be easily recycled. Our designs are all made from recycled RJC certified precious metals. In this way we minimize the impact in the industry.

But this is just the beginning... we are working on our plan for 2030 in which we want to make an even bigger impact in the world around us and specifically in the industry. Sign up for our newsletter here to find out first about ur sustainability manifest we will release in 2023!

5 years in business

MP Family and our HQ

Mp celebrates their 5 year anniversary this year and we are now with a family of 6! Super excited to be working with such a dedicated and young team who really thrives by delivering customer experience on the highest level.

We welcome you in our new headquarters since August 2022 on the Reguliersgracht 85 in Amsterdam. Check out our opening times on our contact page by clicking here.