Mélanie her story

Mélanie Pigeaud Jewelry, is a sustainable jewelry brand based in Amsterdam since 2018. Born out of the search for minimalistic and sturdy jewelry made from recycled gold and silver, made under Fairtrade conditions. 

Back in 2018 Mélanie Pigeaud could not find a handcrafted and sustainable jewelry brand with designs that are telling the story of the industry. Therefor she decided to step up the game and start a company that would do it differently..

Imbalanced industry

Mélanie Pigeaud noticed a lack of knowledge about the background of jewelry while this has been a rare and imbalanced industry for centuries.  Almost every design is made out of recycled gold or silver by RJC chain of custody certified partners that solely use recycled gold and silver. We truly believe in creation under fair conditions and trying to minimize our footprint in every step of the production process. Furthermore, we are keeping low stock levels to minimize over-production and we are always looking for the latest innovation on packaging and logistic possibilities. 

RJC Certified recycled gold and silver

Jewelry is an century-old expression of our identities. The first jewelry that have been found come from 3000 + years ago. This means that a lot of silver and gold has already been won that can be easily recycled. Our designs are almost all made from recycled RJC certified precious metals. In this way we minimize the impact in the industry.

But this is just the beginning... we are working on our plan for 2030 in which we want to make an even bigger impact in the world around us and specifically in the industry. Read all about it in our manifest for 2030 by clicking here