Terms of service


  • Items in stock will take 1-4 working days for the order to be shipped. Items made to order (clearly stated on the product page) have different delivery times, please check this before purchasing.
  • You can expect an email with your tracking code when your order is shipped. Shipping back of any possible return (please see the return terms below).
  • When your order is confirmed, you will receive an email with your order details.
  • In case you filled in a wrong delivery address, you are responsible for the payment and return costs.

Return policy 

  •  Returns on unworn jewelry and exchanges are accepted within 14 days of purchase. We always do a thorough inspection on scratches, clasps and other technical aspects before we can inform you about a succesfull return. PLEASE NOTE! Due to hygiene: earrings and piercings are NOT able to be returned!
  • Email your request to support@melaniepigeaud.com. You will receive all the details you need for sending back your order.
  •  IMPORTANT any return must always be in the original branded jewelry box of Mélanie Pigeaud Jewelry and must contain a note with: 1)The order number 2)The full name and 3) The e-mail of the customer who did the purchase. WITHOUT THIS: WE WILL NOT PROCESS IT AS A RETURN!
  • A purchase of any 'SALE' OR DISCOUNTED item in the webshop or in the atelier is final and is not able to be returned.
  • A purchase of any product which is clearly stated at the product page of the variant that the item contains a made to order item: cannot be returned because this is part of our custom made jewelry policy (see below).
  • A purchase in 'Archive sale' is final and cannot be returned.
  •  Shipment for returns are for the customers’ own costs. The customer takes full responsibility for any damages/losses or any reason for the return not to be handed over in our atelier. We are in no case responsible for delivery of any return. If you want to be sure the return in safely in our atelier, please come by in person during opening hours.
  •  If you order a 14k gold bracelet please always ask before purchasing if the bracelet is possible to be resized in case the bracelet will not fit (too big or too small). Some items are not possible for resizing due to their structure. Please be aware that resizing brings costs: €50 euro’s for making a bracelet smaller.
  •  CUSTOM MADE JEWELRY POLICY: All custom made jewelry (such as special sizes we order/produce particular for the customer or resized items of our standard items), all bespoke (engagement) rings/jewelry cannot be returned. We make these items specially with a lot of care and we also always clearly state this on your invoice and on the website at the product page. 
  •  Bespoke/custom made items cannot be returned once the 100% upfront payment is done. The production process will get started after the upfront payment is received. By then you agree on the stone, on the design and on everything agreed upon in our written conversations: by email, whatsapp and by the invoice you pay 100% upfront. Mélanie always advises in her best capacity. Once agreed on stones and design your purchase is final and cannot be returned. This is in line with dutch law on customized products.
  •  Mélanie Pigeaud Jewelry always reserves the right to deny any returns and exchanges that are unreasonable.



  • To keep the jewelry in their best condition: Do not expose to water or any kind of chemicals as much as possible. Please take off your jewelry when washing your hands etc.
  • Do not shower, swim or bathe with your jewelry and do not expose them to extreme (high) temperatures.
  • Jewelry are delicate and handmade. Please be careful with any other metals for scratches etc. Treat them with the care they need so they will last a lifetime.
  • Gold plated jewelry: Clean it with a toothbrush or a soft towel and some Dreft/green soap. But handle it with care and carefully take off the soap with a towel-dry soft towel.
  • We cannot guarantee the layer to be held upon a certain term this is because every skin reacts differently on gold plated products.
  • Enjoy wearing your sustainable jewelry as they will contribute to a better world. Namasté.


  • Gold plated and sterling silver: 1 MONTH. This is only the case of the technical aspects and excludes the plating color layer.
  • 9 CARAT: 1 MONTH 

This guarantee counts from the day of receiving the package. In case of any repair: The guarantee period still remains the same from the first moment of purchasing the item, not from the repair date on.

  • Is your item broken and is it covered in the guarantee period? You can send an email to support@melaniepigeaud.com with the order number# and pictures of your item. Only then we will take the repair into our schedule of repairs and we will discuss the best possible solution for you.
  • Is your item broken and OUTSIDE the guarantee period? PLEASE NOTE: THIS WILL BE AT YOUR OWN COSTS


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