The memoires collection is a collection made for women who want to celebrate the milestones on their own path. The collection is made from 9k gold accompanied with semi-precious gemstones. 9k gold jewelry is more affordable then 14k gold and will not loose its color unlike gold plated jewelry.

9k gold is a type of gold with a different composition that for example 14k gold. How does this work?

A solid gold piece of jewelry is always made from a percentage of pure gold, a percentage of silver and some other alloys like copper, messing etc. With any type of carat gold this is always the case since pure gold is powderly soft.

The type of gold is expressed in carats and is always depending on how much pure gold is in the total alloy. For 9k the color is slightly lighter than 14k gold. This is because the percentage of gold is less than in a 14k gold piece of jewelry.

9k gold= 37,5% pure gold (trademark you see inside: 375)

14k gold = 58,5% pure gold (trademark you see inside: 585)

However the 9k gold jewelry will not change in color and you can wear this with showering, hand washing etc. We attached this alloy since this is a more sustainable way of providing more affordable jewelry that last longer than gold plated jewelry

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