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Rectangular bangle bracelet 14k gold 6mm


1 piece in stock.

Really beautiful timeless bracelet of 14 carat solid gold. The inner measure of the bracelet is 61 cm which is a regular fit for bangle bracelets. The width of the bracelet is 6 mm. This bracelet is now also available in this squared variant which we absolutely love! The bracelet is made from 14 carat solid gold with a silver filling in this way your bracelet will not easily be damaged when ticking on to a table or anything. This way it is way stronger than a hollow gold bangle bracelet. The bracelet contains ca. 11,40 grams 14 carat gold and 20,60 grams sterling silver. 

You can wear it several lifetimes due to the definite character of the strong 14 carat solid gold.

This bracelet has an expected delivery time of 5 working days.

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