Inspiration: Memoires Collection

What does it feel like when you achieve something you’ve worked really hard for? How can you cherish that feeling in something that is tangible and you can see it everyday? It reminds you of your milestones on your own path and makes you feel empowered and inspired to keep on following your dream towards the goals that you want. 

This is what the memoires collection is all about. Jewelry to wear for everyday occasions with a fine style and suitable to mix and match with you existing jewelry. The 9 carat is a new alloy we are introducing with this collection - accessible luxury to celebrate the milestones on you path. We have 4 rings made from 9 carat and semi-precious gemstones with peridot, amethyst, citrine and topaz. The earrings are more extensive and all possible to make endless mix and match combinations. The necklaces are refined and beautiful to stack up your neck to make the perfect combination with your own necklaces or other necklaces from the MP collection. 

With this collection we want to inspire people to choose their own path and what makes them happy and empowered. Do not shut your eyes for the beauty of life and make the most of it. Never forget to cherish the milestones and be proud of what you are becoming.