The Memoires collection: 9 carat - an explanation of the new alloy

View the story behind 9 carat and the Memoires collection below!

With the launch of our newest collection featuring jewelry in a finer style we also introduced a new alloy. So we thought it is time to give you some more background information because it can be quite confusing: 9 carat versus 14 carat gold. And then what about gold plated jewelry? Let us explain!

9 carat contains 9 parts of solid/pure gold and 15 parts of other metals. You can think of tin, nickel, silver etc. This is always the case with the carats you have in gold. The difference lies in the amount of gold versus the other metals. For 9 carat this percentage is lower compared to 14 carat gold. For 9 carat: the alloy is 37.5% pure gold and the rest contains the other metals. Therefore it has a stamp of 375 in the item (really small but traceable with a loupe or with a good eye). 14 Carat gold has a percentage of 58.5% pure gold and the rest contains of other metals. Respectively, the stamp is 585 in the item.

Then what about the price difference of the 9 carat items versus the 14k gold items? As every gram contains less percentage of pure gold, the price per gram is cheaper in comparison. The gold price is really high at the moment and we still want to offer you beautiful items in the most sustainable way as possible. We believe in trying new things and doing the best we can to serve you as a customer. Therefore, we have launched the memoires collection of 9 carat. With this collection we can offer an affordable piece of fairly produced jewelry in an alloy that keeps its original color (in contrast to the possibility that a gold plated item may lose its color over time). 

The Memoires collection contains a lot of beautiful styles of earrings to mix and match. We also have beautiful rings with different birthstones and we have 2 necklaces that have a fine style that can be easily combined with your already existing necklaces!

We are over the moon - we hope you will be, too!

9K Gold - Memoires collection